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Country essay 6 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Country 6 - Essay Example exico, other sources of pollution that affect Mexico due to the activities of US includes pollution generated through automotive vehicles and pollution generated by residences. According to Chow, the pollution that is created and transferred by US onto Mexico is more than the amount of cross border pollution created by Mexico (Chow 1840). United States has shown rigidity towards export of waste to other nations, but the cost of dumping the waste produced within US is very high, due to this US based companies export their waste to developing nations. For example Intercon Solutions was held responsible for transporting electronic waste to other nations which results in pollution of heavy metal (BAN, 2011). United States have implemented strict rules and regulations regarding the issue of pollution, for example: the Pollution Prevention Act which states that the producers of pollutions are liable to seize the creation of pollution at their factories and organizations (US EPA, 2012). US believe that if pollution is controlled at the source, the organizations can enjoy several benefits such as low cost of dumping of waste. Basel Action Network (BAN) : Toxic E-Waste Exports by Chicago Electronics Recycler Uncovered." Basel Action Network (BAN). N.p., 5 July 2011. Web. 3 Dec. 2012.

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A Foresight to the Education of the Future Essay Example for Free

A Foresight to the Education of the Future Essay At the beginning of the last century, students used to spend many hours at libraries looking for information. It was mostly because there were no other means to obtain the knowledge needed to fulfill the school or university’s assignments. However, for the last thirty or twenty years this situation has been changing, and with it the way we learn or in other words the way we acquire our knowledge. Nowadays, in many educational institutions the web-based research has become the most effective way of gathering information, because it allows us to find whatever we want to know in seconds. Nevertheless, if we leave aside the contribution of technology to the compilation of facts, we can realize that not because we are able to have a quick access to information it means that we understand or learn something. My goal in this paper is to discuss the influence and effects of technology in education by expressing my opinion and my analysis of Anderson, M.T. Feed. Somerville, Massachusetts: Candlewick Press, 2012. Print. Firstly, from my point of view M. T. Anderson tries to give us a message of how technology is interferes in our everyday life and the role it plays in human communication. Additionally, I can perceive a certain degree of prediction of what the future awaits for us if we do not act to ameliorate our behavior towards the usage of technology. He presents this foresight through many themes. However, as I said before I will be only analyzing education and knowledge. To understand why this theme is important it is necessary to point out that in this futuristic schools students have a completely different education, where subjects are frivolous and do not require students to think by themselves. Additionally, people are said to be smart because the feed provides them instantly with everything they need to know. Therefore, people do not have to make efforts to comprehend and learn collections of factual knowledge. The undemanding acquisition of knowledge may sound fantastic, but if we think carefully about it, we will find that  if we do not use our own brain to learn or to do anything else, we may lose the characteristic that differentiate us from the rest of animals which is our ability to think critically. â€Å"That’s one of the great things about the feed- that you can be supersmart without ever working† (Anderson 47) this was the first evidence that made me realize that Titus, the main character and narrator of the novel, tends to confuse what being smart actually means. The first definition he gives to the word smart is to have access to information. However, this is nothing more than an aid, an element that helps us to be smart. People need to work by themselves in order to analyze and understand their findings only then we can say that someone is smart. For instance: being the owner of a computer with internet access does not make us smart, but what does is to use the information after a thoughtful analysis of it. Titus also define being smart as being fashionable, which in certain situations it is perfectly correct, still this is not the case, given that he talks of Violet creating and using her brain to do what she wanted. This confusion is clearly depicted in this passage: â€Å"I was afraid that she would be too smart for me, but she wasn’t. I don ´t mean she wasn ´t smarter, because she was, but just that there was so much she hadn ´t done† (Anderson 107) Titus define Violet as intelligent, but then he suddenly changes his conception to not smart enough for the reason that Violet had not done some things. In the book people do what the feed suggest them to do which generally involve buying things. Therefore, what Titus meant was that Violet was not smart enough, because she did not have the economic resource s to buy what most people of her age buy. In our society what we buy does not determine yet how smart or educated we are. Notwithstanding, It is not difficult for me to think that in the future smart will mean fashionable in any context, considering that we are already buying the trends on the market to make us feel important, just as important as once was to be smart. Moreover, we learn in the book that education is different because of the progress of technology, Titus states that in the past â€Å"when their grandparents were students they did not learn anything useful.†(Anderson 109) I agree with him to a certain extent, it is true that sometimes we learn things we will never use. Yet everything we learn at school helps us not only to exercise our brain and to be a well-rounded person, but also to the acquisition of essential features that differentiates us from the rest  of animals. Titus’ education has no longer subjects that make students think, the new subjects are all about the extremely consumerist society they live in. Titus express that â€Å"Now that Schoolâ„ ¢ is run by corporations, It’s pretty brag, because it teaches us how the world can be used, like mainly how to use our feeds.† (Anderson 109-110)Even when it is true that they teach useful information to live in their peculiar world, the subjects are completely superficial when it comes to development of people as human beings. I think that the author gives us a clear illustration of what we are currently doing in our everyday life at school or any other educational institution. We look up the knowledge in the web and we use it, but we do not trouble ourselves by trying to understand or analyze whether our findings are correct or not. Additionally, Throughout the book we can find many allusions to problems that our society is facing due to the development of technology.

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The Odyssey :: essays research papers

The Odyssey   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Odyssey is one of the two great epic poems written by the ancient Greek poet Homer. Due to its antiquity, it is not known when or where it was first written, nevertheless, the approximate date and place is 700 BC Greece. Later publications are widespread as the text is transcribed in modern English with no deviation from the original story.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The story is set in the lands and seas in close proximity to Greece changing by books as Odysseus, the protagonist hero, recounts of his many fated adventures and misfortunes in a series of flashbacks. Odysseus, a survivor of the bloody Trojan War that left many Greek heroes dead and a city plundered, yearns to return Ithaca and his wife Penelope, who is solicited by countless suitors, yet due to an accidental grievance done to the God of Sea, Poseidon, Odysseus is plagued by misfortunes and spend nearly ten years traveling the seas searching a path home.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Odyssey is written in the third person omniscient perspective, perhaps the only voice capable of integrating Homer’s usage of the Gods and the supernatural. This perspective shifts as necessary to give the reader a full understanding of Odysseus’ journeys. In fact, without incorporating the supernatural forces, there would be no way of understanding why Odysseus is met with such inhospitality from certain Gods or constructing a majestic recount of the actions in the plot.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Odysseus is the classic Greek hero by all standards. He is a hardened warrior who has fought against the Trojans, a dutiful husband who would journey years to return home, a cunning wayfarer who fares well with any host hostile or amicable, and a mortal in bipolar relation with the Gods. He may be the protagonist, yet as a mortal, he is only a servant to the Greek Gods. Poseidon has a bitter grudge against Odysseus for blinding the Cyclopes Polyphemus, yet Homer balances Odysseus’ fate by giving him the aid of the Goddess Athena. Thus, Odysseus’ fortunes and misfortunes are all the deeds and misdeeds of the Gods, and the protagonist is subject to his fate as determined by the supernatural. Homer’s implications about the life and fate of a man could be easily recapitulated as uncontrollable. Though the Greek Gods do not exist, man’s fortunes and misfortunes still contain unexplainable entropy, leaving mortals with no precise knowledge or grasp of their future yet mortals do have an unfailing sense of hope, just as Odysseus is determined to return home despite his foes and hardships.

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Negative outcomes of French Revolution Essay

Total collapse of the economy, finances, and capital. Hyperinflation devastated the economy, and country had to default on obligations and debt. Improvements happened after Napoleon’s reforms and by widespread confiscation of wealth from Europe (for example by asking Austria to pay for a war reparations). Anarchy and mob violence, counter-revolution, and civil war caused death to hundreds of thousands citizens. Entire regions were depopulated by burn land tactics, and cities like Lyon destroyed. It was the biggest outbreak of violence in Europe between 30Y War and WWI. The extreme measures during the crisis brought a legislation that ended democracy and created first modern totalitarian system under Terror. Constitution was suspended indefinitely, and state implemented widespread judicial murders of its critics and the opponents. Intellectual potential of the state was decimated at the guillotine or by exile.  One point, almost entire French academy was tried for treason in May/June 1794. Revolution was negatively taken by rest of Europe, which was dragged for 25 years into coalition wars with France.

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Current Status of the Electronic Health Records in the...

For years now, the healthcare system in the United States have managed patient’s health records through paper charting, this has since changed for the better with the introduction of an electronic medical record (EMR) system. This type of system has helped healthcare providers, hospitals and other ambulatory institutions extract data from a patient’s chart to help expedite clinical diagnosis and providing necessary care. Although this form of technology shows great promise, studies have shown that this system is just a foundation to the next evolution of health technology. The transformation of EMR to electronic heath record system (EHR) is the ultimate goal of the federal government. Adoption of Meaningful Use in Today’s Healthcare†¦show more content†¦Currently only 4.4% of hospital meet a majority of the fourteen core measures of meaningful use (pg. 122). With such a slow progression to adopt an EHR system, government groups such as CMS have been encouraged by the government to provide financial incentives to providers who adopt the meaningful use requirements via EHR and those who fail to adopt may face penalties like the reduction of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements (Hebda Czar, 2013, p.281). Benefits to EHR over Paper charting One of the primary reasons that the electronic health system exist is to allow universal access to a health records by all healthcare professionals providing care to a particular patient. In a society with a vastly growing population with increasing comorbidities and demands for sooner diagnoses; the role of the paper charting no longer meets the demands of today’s healthcare system. If for example a patient with a history of Type II diabetes was admitted to the ER, the presence of his records through an EHR system can confirm that is he has had uncontrolled diabetes for some years now and fast interventions can be initiated to provide optimal care. This system provides an updated and accurate snapshot of a patient’s health history, most importantly this type of communication is a key element in emergent situations when a patient finds themselvesShow MoreRelatedThe Current Status Of Electronic Health Record1445 Words   |  6 Pages Electronics has become one huge complex reality. When you turn to your right someone is using a form of electronic device and when you turn to your left something is being controlled by some electronic. In general there are computers in schools, prisons, hospitals and at home. It has become part of our day to day need in our community. In this paper I will discuss the current status of electronic health record (EHR) in United States, what needs to be done to improve EHR status in United States andRead MoreA Brief Note On The National Priorities Partnership1609 Words   |  7 Pagesprinted or written document into an electronic data document and is usually used in data processing systems. Such recognitions requires definite hardware and software tools which can translate the data. [19] PHI - Protected Health Information It is the health information that is contained or transmitted by the covered entity in any form i.e. is maybe paper format or electronic format which can be provided to healthcare provider for identification of the health information either the past historyRead MoreImproving Throughput Using Electronic Prescribing1034 Words   |  5 Pagescommunication between departments will be discussed in detail, in order to improve throughput using the current software system, Epic in this case. The goal is optimal patient outcomes using electronic prescribing. A solution will be reviewed utilizing Epic, a standard electronic health record (EHR) involving the HL7 initiatives. The Problem The problem is fragmented electronic health records (EHRs) that lack communication and availability. Interoperability does not benefit the patient or theRead MoreImplementing Electronic Charts For Patients1398 Words   |  6 PagesThe healthcare environment has grown more complex and continues to evolve every day (McGonigle Mastrian, 2012). For example, we use computers for charting, accessing patient medical records, and for medication administration. The goal of the increasing technology in nursing is to ultimately improve the health of populations and communication between all involved in the care of patients. Technology is constantly changing in nursing and we have to change with it. Technology can have a potentiallyRead MoreThe Electronic Health Records1146 Words   |  5 Pageshealthcare providers with funding for implementing healthcare information technology, electronic health records, protecting patient’s health information, and provides patients with greater access and control over their protected health information. Derived from the Health Insurance Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) that provides funding and incentives for the implementation of electronic health records. Title IV of division B of the ARRA is considered part of the HITECH Act. ItRead MoreIom Report On Err Is Human Essay1355 Words   |  6 Pagesnational and global level. IOM’s report To Err is Human (IOM, 1999), revealed the astronomical number of patient lives lost due to preventable and avoidable patient care errors (IOM, 1999). The IOM report begins with the blunt statement, â€Å"health care in the United States is not as safe as it should be —and can be† (IOM, 1999, p. 1). The report reveals at least 44,000 individuals and as many as 98,000 individuals die in hospitals every year due to preventable medical errors (IOM, 1999). The InstituteRead MoreInformatics Specialty Essay1595 Words   |  7 PagesHealthcare Informatics June 20, 2012 Informatics Specialty Area and Interoperability As the implementation of electronic health records (EHR) progress nationwide, the concepts of interoperability and health information exchange (HIE) must be discussed. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (2005, p. 2) define interoperability as â€Å"the ability of health information systems to work together within and across organizational boundaries in order to advance the effective deliveryRead MorePaper1149 Words   |  5 Pagessocioeconomic status and existing health care policies contribute to the variation in care quality. Mosadeghrad (2014) noted that factors affecting health care quality can be evaluated using Donabedian measurement to assess technical quality, interpersonal quality, and amenities. Thomas (2014) stated that eliminating health care disparities and improvement of care quality requires changes in policies and legislation to meet the healthcare needs of the population. The United States and Finland healthcareRead MoreHealth Information Technology : Effect On Patient Care1697 Words   |  7 PagesHealth Information Technology: Effect on Patient Care Introduction The prevalence of health information technology (HIT) has become very popular in the United States. This innovation continues to grow indicating no end and marks the current trend in the healthcare industry and will continue to play a major role in the later future. What impact does technology play on patient Care? According to Cliff, (2012) patient care technology is designed to meet the patients’ personal needs, values and preferencesRead MoreEssay on Evolution of Health Care Information Systems1299 Words   |  6 PagesEvolution of Health Care Information Systems Dimetria Major HCS/533 March 29, 2013 Suzie Mays Evolution of Health Care Information System Health care has come a long way in technology for the past, implementing new technology has made the health care industry grow in size. Major events of health care have paved the way for future technologies influence the physicians, administrators, clinicians, and

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Essay about Divorce A Problem in Our Society - 714 Words

Problem in our Society One of the biggest problem people are facing today is divorce. The issue of divorce and increasing rates in the modern world is one of the most serious problem and social issues which influence people life to a great extent. Divorces are effecting on personal and social life very deeply. It causes stress and makes individual unsuccessful and changes lives. When parents get divorced they do not even think about what will happen with their children. Many students perform low in school because of their parents. Children of divorces parents have more problems in their behavior and psychological development. Many psychological studies show that children who live with both of their parents are happy and they have fewer†¦show more content†¦Every couple should consider at least few months living together before the final decision of marriage in order to avoid a divorce and cause an emotional harm to the child. Due to the huge effect of divorce on different young and adolescent chil dren, whether the outcome is good or bad, the whole trajectory of child’s life is profoundly altered by the divorce experience. Divorce is the consequence of many reasons, yet the most important are womens changing roles, infidelity, financial problems and immaturity. Women are becoming professional in modern times which can be good if you know to prioritize, but it can be a problem if you neglect your family. Infidelity is another reason. Spouses seek out comfort somewhere else if things are not working out in a marriage which results in infidelity and very few marriages recover from it. But the other possibility could be the couples who are not even paying enough attention to their marriage and future. There are many young men and women out there who get married after a very short period of knowing each other and then suddenly after a while realizing that their spouse is not the one they were looking for. A large study has just been published by the Centers for Disease Cont rol in Atlanta. An article published in the Christian Science Monitor discusses â€Å"Cohabitation before marriage? Its no greater divorce risk.† The researchers surveyed over 22,000 men and women. It appears thatShow MoreRelatedEssay about How Divorce is Affecting the American Culture1667 Words   |  7 PagesThe effects of divorce on the American culture are immense. Social scientists have been studying these effects for many years now. The studies are continuing to confirm that the climbing rate of divorce in the American culture is hurting the society and also frequently devastating the lives of many American children. There are many areas in which divorce has a negative effect in the life of a child or an adult. Many of these effects also directly correlate to the effect on a society. However, thereRead MoreHow Divorce Is Affected Much More Significantly Than Those From Two Parent Families987 Words   |  4 Pagesa serious problem I see in our society. This proble m has gotten out of hand with close to fifty percent of all marriages ending in divorce and it is affecting every aspect of our culture including churches such as your own. It is often seen as an easy choice with few consequences when in reality it is having devastating effects. Divorce is the problem of which I speak. Not only is it directly affecting those involved by wreaking havoc on their lives but it is also tearing down society as we knowRead MoreNegative Effects Of Divorce1475 Words   |  6 PagesDivorce is the termination of a marriage or marital union, the canceling or reorganizing of the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage, Divorce occurs after a husband and wife decide not to live together anymore and they do not want to marry one another. They agree to sign legal documents that allow them to marry other people if they so wish. Divorce is a problem that is increasing every year. It also affects our society, which most countries face. Divorce causes many negative effects, someRead MoreFamily Breakdown Essay example1014 Words   |  5 PagesFamily Breakdown Many problems affect our society, and each problem presents us with different challenges and obstacles. The most prevalent of these problems are crime, poverty, and poor education. Collectively, society looks toward the government to intervene and find a solution to these problems. This is easily illustrated by reflecting back to our last presidential election. The two candidates, George Bush and Al Gore, gave their views and outlined the agendas they hoped to implement inRead MoreThe Effects Of Divorce On Our Society1034 Words   |  5 Pageswith over 1.2 million divorces (â€Å"The Impact of Divorce on Our Society†). Divorce is not limited to breaking apart the husband and wife; it destroys families, siblings and the future of the American children. Divorces cause money, crime and education issues and an overall effect on the children caught in the middle, which follows them into their adult life. A $1,000 of taxpayer’s money is spent dealing with the consequences of broken families (â€Å"The Impact of Divorce on Our Society†). The amount of moneyRead MoreHow Divorce Has Shaped The Culture And Affected The Future Of Our Children964 Words   |  4 PagesChamberlain School of Nursingâ€Æ' Divorce How divorce has shaped the culture and affected the future of our children. Divorce has become more acceptable and common in our culture. A divorce not only involves the parents, children are included too. The family structure varies across America and couples divorce for different reasons such as abuse in the home, infidelity, addiction issues, religion, and the list can continue. When a couple decides to use divorce to solve any marital conflicts thereRead MoreThe Dissolution Of Marriage Bonds1511 Words   |  7 PagesThe dissolution of marriage bonds in the society today is no longer an issue spoken in hushed tones behind doors as in previous times. Statistics have indicated an increasing rate of divorce in countries like Belgium and Chile as being very high and only a few places like the Philippines depict low rates (Kittleson,, 2005). It is on account of these developments that we seriously ponder and guess on what really caused the sudden rise. Is it a problem with the i ndividual or is it society’s drawbackRead MoreEssay about Divorce in American Society1338 Words   |  6 PagesDivorce in American Society Whatever happened to the picture that perfect traditional families portrayed? Television has had such an influence over us when we begin wishing we had families like the ones we see on Little House on the Prairie and The Brady Bunch. Families who work together, support one another, and seem to have all of lifes problems figured out. The media is catching up to society and showing more single-family sitcoms with down to earth family relationships such as BlossomRead MoreDivorce : A Major Sociological Issue1080 Words   |  5 PagesRebecca Eron Mrs. Small Social Issue paper 21 November 2014 Divorce Problem Statement: Divorce is a major sociological issue. Divorce rates continue to rise annually and more and more the definition of ‘family’ begins to change. Around 40% of marriages ended in divorce in 2004 (West). This is an epidemic that at one point shocked many People. While, divorce use to be socially and for many, religiously unacceptable it is becoming more and more a social norm. Even though it is becoming more commonRead MoreHow Does Divorce Affect Children?1693 Words   |  7 PagesHow does divorce affect children? Married couples represent fifty one percent of Americans, many of which end in divorce spawning over eleven million single parent families. According to the American Psychological Association forty to fifty percent of marriages in the United States will end in divorce. This marriage dissolution rate results in fifty percent of our children witnessing the divorce of their parents, forty percent of which are being raised without fathers in the home. Divorce and single

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Was Marcus Garvey The Most Significant African American...

To what extent was Marcus Garvey the most significant African American civil rights leader in the period 1865-1945? The period between 1865 and 1945 saw some of the most dramatic social, political and economic changes in America. The key issue of black civil rights throughout this period was advocated and led by a range of significant, emotive and inspiring leaders. Marcus Garvey was a formidable public speaker and is often named as the most popular black nationalist leader of the early twentieth century. He believed in pan-Africanism and came nearer than any other black leader in mobilising African American masses. He was hailed as a redeemer and a â€Å"Black Moses† who tried to lead ‘his people back to freedom’. However, arguably although†¦show more content†¦In many ways it could be argued that Marcus Garvey was the most significant African American civil rights leader of this time because of his role in tackling the social issues African American’s faced. He aimed to improve the lives of African Americans by encouraging them to take control of their own aff airs and education. His role surrounding this issue is illustrated by his founding of the UNIA. This Universal Negro Improvement Association was an organisation dedicated to racial pride, economic self sufficiency and the formation of an independent black nation in Africa. Through this and the magazine the ‘Negro World’ he urged African Americans to be proud of their race, and argued â€Å"a people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots†. It has been said that through Garvey’s dedication to social improvement for his race he managed to capture the imagination of many blacks for whom the American Dream was a dirty joke. Although Garvey is heralded as such as strong figure in the improvement of social issues in this period, many other activists took different approaches. For example Washington was an important figure who believed the best interests of African Americans could be realised through education in the crafts and industrial skills. To implement this he founded the Tuskegee school, which had over 100